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PLI Helps Make Winning Easy!

Competition is fierce in today’s “choice-abundant” casino and hotel marketplace. So it’s more important than ever before to up your image and create a noteworthy experience. PLI can make your guest’s visit more memorable, helping to transform them from guest to loyal customer. Better yet, the ultimate jackpot – Win Them Over as a Brand Ambassador.

A Complete Coordinated Experience

When guests arrive, you can rely on PLI right from the start for attention-getting, engaging –

Hotel Key Cards
Players Cards
Loyalty Cards
Event ID Passes
Wrist Bands
Welcome Packet with Coupons, Maps, Schedules and more

As guests explore your property, PLI can also provide attractive, brand-building –

Gift Cards
Towel/Pool Cards
Door Hangers
In-room Channel Guides
Table-top and Counter Displays
Signage, Banners and Countless other Guest Communications

Knowledge and Creative Expertise

PLI is the world’s largest card manufacturer. We also offer complete Card Marketing Solutions, which includes world-class, award-winning creative. PLI’s Innovation & Marketing Team can provide strategic insight and design consultation to make your key cards, player cards, gift cards and additional com-munications stand out and proudly represent your brand with a captivating, professional look. Backed with the experience of producing billions of cards, we can incorporate innovative print techniques that transform the ordinary to the extraordinary – making cards and collateral photo-worthy shareable.

Efficient Program Management

PLI makes it easy to achieve a successful, cohesive branded look and feel for all your cards and communications. To save you time and resources, our dedicated Customer Care Team will skillfully help manage your account and keep you informed every step of the way.

For more than 35 years PLI has worked closely with leading casinos and hotels to concept, create and deliver expertly-designed “guest packages.”

To find out how we make it easy and convenient to help raise the guest experience and win over brand ambassadors, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.